Nag 75k

Hey guys I’m thinking about getting a nag 75k I’m wondering about what size it is? It is a smaller mask? Or is it really big?

Ask Nik. I’m pretty sure he has all sorts of sizes.

The nice thing about getting a mask directly from the artist is you can order the size you need. Second hand you don’t really have that freedom, but you can find better deals sometimes. Whoever is selling the mask will usually let you know what size it is, and if you’re getting it straight from NAG, he’ll need to know what size you are after. 23-25 I think is basically how it goes (though I could be wrong). 25 is massive, I think that’s the size of the TOTS H2 (and it’s huge).

Yeah I have one of Niks masks already and it’s perfectly sized for my head, I don’t know what size it is, but it fits like a glove man, hoping to find one the same size

I would be sure not only to measure the circumference of your head, but the length of your face as well. I was blessed with a weird shaped head (larger in circumference and a longer face). I just picked up a NAG Nightmare Unlimited (size 25") second hand, and I’m not wild about how it fits. Circumference is good, but my long face distorts the features more than I like. Hopefully your head is more normal shapewise. Good luck!

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Thanks man, I’ll have to do so, also nice score on the nightmare, one of the best masks!

Definitely ask Nik Dresios about this one though (which sizes he has for the 75K)…I remember years ago I was asking him stuff on FB especially about his Kirk masks pricing, and he was pretty good about getting back to me. I can’t quite remember what he said about sizes, he might just have a couple options.