NAG/COL 2K Myers pics.(Alot More, Pg2)

Hey all! Since there aren’t too many of these out there I thought I’d post a few more :smiley: Can’t wait for the big day :axe:
2K A1 Myers Profile.JPG

always love seein this mask!!!

Thanks Drew :rock:

Great mask and pic’s bro!!! :open_mouth:


Cool… thanks guys! :drinkers:

I LOVE the middle shot!!! :smiley:


That has to be the best H1 i’ve seen in a while.

Great pictures too man

Cant wait for HalloweeN !

That’s certainly one of my favorite masks around - great shots too! :drinkers:

Great shots man! It must start to feel like fall around illinois already. And once again, this is without a doubt the closest most accurate myers mask Ive seen by far. You wear it well my friend. :rock: :drinkers:

Thank you all sooo much :smiley: Really appreciate it!

Love the mask and the cornfield next to your place!!!


woooohooooo, awsome pic’s and killer mask as usual Jay, I always know when I pull up one of your threads I know I’m gonna see stunningf pic’s with one of your many killer masks from your collection…Dean

beauty, beauty, beauty! :mrgreen:

Your shots are always good, man. That last shot is phenomenal - THAT’s hero all the way…

Nice mask Jay, ur right u DEFINATELY don’t see any pics of these masks. I only know of 2 people who own the Myers version (that’s including you) and only you have done us the pleasure of providing costume shots with the mask.

No disrespect to Col, but at this point in the game JC has converted more NAG pieces than Mike and Col combined (obviously there’s a reason for that) so I was surprised to see Nik commission Col for the conversions. Col does exceptional work with regards to eye cuts, but JC is the popular kid on the block. If the majority wants something that the popular kid touches, then thats the person u need involved in a project of this magnitude. Name recognition sells. I’ve always been curious if Nik commissioned someone else like JC or Mike, IF we would see more converted copies of these masks.

All in all terrific mask, a shame to see these masks somewhat overshadowed by the 75k.

Great mask and great shots… that capture H1 really well. :drinkers:

Great pics of a great mask!!

That second pic rules Jay :rock: :rock:
Such a beautiful mask!!