NAG HK Flashback Video

:flushed::flushed: BADASS

Oooo that is nice !!

Nik nailed it

I’m not referring to this specific work, but I really believe the kills flashback mask is more Michael Myers than the original H1 mask, if that makes sense. It is perfect.

Does anyone know price/wait times yet?

No, that does not make sense.

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What are you smoking man? :laughing:

To each their own but I’ll stick with the og '78 as the perfect Myers mask​:jack_o_lantern::+1:

I would also like to know

I Think It’s $425

Just asked Nik, and the price is $450. The sizes available are 23.5, 25, and 25.5.

That’s without a doubt THE BEST video shot for a mask, I’ve ever seen

I agree that everyone has different opinions and perspective in what they see as myers like you said Caleb. We shouldn’t bash on other peoples opinion just because they see the mask differently than us.

In my eyes, the flashback mask is definitely one of the best! For me, myers will always be the converted Kirk from 1978!

Looks really good. Still waiting to decide if I’ll get the Spookhouse Props one or this one… price will probably be the biggest factor

Spookhouse is 400 and Nick’s 425