NAG Madman 78 questions

Is the NAG Madman 78 (Not the JITB version) worth buying? I am looking at one for $300. I know this community is predominantly hardcore mask collectors, that being said would it be considered a good/accurate H1 mask by todays standards, or is it old news? Also does anyone know what size it is roughly? Thanks in advance for any help.

Don’t buy it. It was Nik’s first attempt at a Myers mask a very long time ago. It’s not accurate looking at all. Which is why he followed it up immediately with the H78. The only thing that would make the Madman78 worth collecting is its age. But if you ask me… it’s worth about half of what you’re considering paying.

My question to you is , you’re asking if the mask is worth buying …are you asking because you like the mask? Or you just want to buy it because you feel it may be valuable from a collection standpoint?..and you’re asking if it would be considered a accurate H1 mask? What do you think? You know what a H1 madk looks like ,if you feel it looks accurate and you like it then get the mask. If you can find it cheaper then even better. You are your own person bro if you like something you get it lol simple

Thanks, I wanted to buy it for a personal mask for display but for see your point.

Basically I want to purchase the best mask I can for a reasonable price, I live in Canada so a lot of mask makers that work within the US are not an option, which basically leaves me with ebay. Even still most decent masks on ebay only ship within the US from what I see.
I don’t favour this mask to any great extent, but it looks decent for the price ($300 Canadian by the way), other than that there’s a NAG H78 which is a great sculpt but the hair and paint is terrible, they’re asking $400 Canadian but the shipping and import fees are sky high. There’s also a Handiboy Halloweenman for $300 Canadian. So out of those three I’m stuck on what one to commit to…

The problem is finding a mask that is decently accurate for a reasonable price without paying to have it repainted / haired.

Thank you for the advice, it’s not a great sculpt but the only options are that, a crudely painted H78 and a Handiboy HalloweenMan.
I’m just looking to get a decent mask within my price range, I guess it boils down to the Madman vs. HalloweenMan, I’d like to keep it around $350 USD but theres not a lot available that will ship to Canada.
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.43.02 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.42.41 PM.jpg

I’m just gonna assume it’s a no brainer to get the HalloweenMan in the first picture over the Madman below, they’re both the same price.

HalloweenMan looks awesome!

If you have $350 you should avoid buying either of them and wait for something nice to pop up in the classified section or on Ebay. Trust me… you can do much better for $350. Just be patient.

I just saw a really nice creep a couple of weeks ago being sold on the FB page for $350 shipped.

I agree with Slasher 75. Be patient and you might land a gem :wink:

I agree, patience is a virtue. It wouldn’t be a big deal to pay more for a nice mask but haven’t seen many that jump off the screen in a while. This was just a here and now situation but both masks are kinda “meh” the longer it sits… The Creep with a good paint job or a newer NAG would be ideal, just wait it out I guess. Maybe check facebook as well and the american ebay and see about shipping to Canada.

Fingers crossed!

Buy it if you like it. Who cares what anybody else thinks?

Yea exactly

I live literally 5 minutes away from Canada. You could have something shipped to me, I could drive across the border, and ship it to you FROM within Canada. Just a thought.

That’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say on here.

That is super thoughtful and very much appreciated. You are a good man. I ended up finding a pretty decent LDS with reasonable shipping and next to no import fees that I think I’m going to snag. Your offer is appreciated much the same!

No problem! We’re all family here, and it would be easy for me.

That Madman looks a hell of a lot better than that Halloweenman. I think the Madman is more H2 personally but to be honest the Halloweenman in that pic looks nothing like Myers to me.

It’s a cool looking mask, not necessarily for accuracy, but in terms of just the neat aesthetics (could have worked as the H:40 mask), but $300 is way too much for it.