NAG Screenused Part 2 mask....

Hey guys, just found this NAG Screenused 2 on ebay for a reasonable price. It came with the bust and some pretty damn realistic looking eyes painted on the mannequin head. The hair is a little lighter than it was in the movie but overall, im in love with it. Really unique mask.

Didn’t plan on getting an H2 style mask before an H1, but I just ordered the new Shape 78 directly from Nikos. I couldn’t let this thing sit in a case without its companion. I’ll post pictures of that when I get it.

I apologize for the pictures being rotated. Not sure how to fix that.

Fantastic mask!!! Very nice. Really really strong Halloween 2 vibe. Paint looks dead on.

Thanks man! Here’s some better shots…

I love this H2! I recently got ahold of Nik to inquire about it, but he keeps assuring me he has something else in the works as far as 1981’s go. I do hope he reveals something soon, after this work on that new H1 stretch.

He’s probably talking about the Shape 81, which from what I understand is a retooled version of the Shape 78, and finished as an H2. I’ve seen some pictures of one and it definitely is amazing. Possibly the best H2 I’ve ever seen. It at least rivals the Ken Hertlein sculpts based on the pictures I’ve seen.

The Shape 81 is a mind-boggler tbh. Absolute perfection.

I agree… eventually I’m going to add that to my collection.