Need advice on a budget-conscious mask

I’m sure you guys answer this question (or get hit with it anyway :smiley: ) all of the time, especially this time of year. That happens on another board I’ve been a member of for a few years. Nevertheless, I will ask away. I need to replace the DPTM that I am officially ‘retiring’ based on good advice from you guys, but I have a real shoestring budget right now. Going after a Creep or some other similarly priced beauty will have to wait. So I have been reading through the boards and weighing options such a The TOT H2 mask, the Obsession (Sinister Studios), Samhain (Morningside), etc. Obviously price pays a factor in quality, but I’m not looking for a perfect representation of one movie form over another. So, any helpful advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Not sure what your budget is, but there are two pretty decent masks on ebay right now. One is a 2008 psycho from Justin at NO for $200.

The other is an H78 also for $200.

Really can’t go wrong with either one of those at those prices. I really don’t know much about the masks you have mentioned, but I’m sure other members will be able to help with those. Good luck in your search my friend!!

Those are sweet masks, but beyond my budget right now. That’s the joy of having a house, a car, children and 1 on the way – no money. I’m keeping my eye on a couple of ebay listings and the classified board here. This alleged Night Owl Psycho:

And this Sinister Studios Obsession

Never trusted evilbay much though. I appreciate the input. No hurry here, but having a blast checking out the masks I never knew existed.

If you could scrounge up enough dough I would honestly go with a creep! I have one and it’s almost like one of those things that are too good to be true! If your willing to go for a later sequel mask I would say morningside h20! It’s cast off the actual h20 mask so it looks so true to the movie and it might be a little better for the budget! Good luck in your hunt I really hope you score a nice piece!


Actually that psycho 78 was mine less than two weeks ago. I can vouge for it. It is the real deal. Signed by Justin himself. Surprised he is selling it so soon. He just recieved it last Thursday. Go for it buddy!

Small world! And good to know. What made you part with it?

The TOTS mask is the one for you. No question. Why haven’t you picked it up yet?


I haven’t got a clue, LOL.

I decided to part ways with it to pick up my AHG nightstalker. Would make a great mask if you can get it at the right price. I would suspect it will end up selling between $200-$300 which is what I sold it for as well.

wtrailer is right…the TOTS H2 is the choice for you. No doubt, dude.