Need Help about my CS8 Resurrection Mask

Hay guys got this a month ago from UK but dont know which one this is, what i do know it is not 1 of 15.

My understanding is that i think this is the 1 of 1000, but i do not see any numbers on the inside and in the back it says Cinema Secrets. I do not think it is a Deluxe.

I saw allot of versions with a Short Neck Like New York Ripper has and saw allot with long neck like mine. Help…What do u guys think.

Thats a mass produced mask(not even the deluxe)
I know because this is the version I own

And the reason why some people have long neck and short necks on the mask is simply becasue they trim it like I did.
(also I repainted mine)
Hope this helps man

Thanks allot.Looks great BTW

anyone else can shine the light on this, need your H8 experts help, i have looked thru allot of different H8 CS mask and found Differences, like Hair line on top of Forehead is more round than some others , side burns shorter than others , face features… Still need advise and still i think this is either deluxe or 1 of 1000 , i cannot find any number inside do to inside of the mask is all out of color and might have lost it’s sharpie sig… :confused:

To my knowledge CS made four different H8 masks. The Special Edition 1 of 15. The Limited 1 of 1,000. The mass produced Deluxe. And the mass produced Economyers.

Your mask is definitely not an Economyers, so at the very least it’s a Deluxe. The finishing on the Deluxe masks vary so it’s hard to tell from pictures. But generally it seems on the Limited editions that the hair was straighter and left about half an inch of room above the ear. The latex is a bit thicker and sturdier too. Hope this helps.

Nice copy by the way.

Imo, it looks like a painted up deluxe

no this mask was never painted…

Thanks .