Need help identifying a mask

My girlfriend sent me a video via Facebook (which I do not have currently so I don’t know the details of the video) of two Michael Myers cosplayers interacting at a convention. One had a top notch H40 and the other what appeared to be a top notch H2. I’m very interested to know what mask the H2 was. For all I know it’s a commonly known mask but I’m not privy at the moment so I’ll post a few screenshots of the video that I took. They are cloudy but it was the best I could do, hopefully some of you guys will recognize the mask. Thanks!

I think it’s a stock NAG of some sort, likely a 75k variant. The hair is pretty standard NAG work (that is, tons of it and with that hairline). I was able to pin it to that as I’ve seen NAG’s stock H2s, and they’re very similar to what’s in the video.

I forget who makes the NAG but if I eventually decided to get on board with purchasing one I believe that has to be done by contacting the person over Facebook, correct? Or is there a website?

NAGmasks on FB, yeah