New Charcoal Red Kaps

Just got my new coveralls in today, charcoal grey red kaps

Size 40_long

Nice pair brother :jack_o_lantern:

Thanks man !

these are awesome. I have the same exact size and color that I am using for my Myers Mannequin. They are great coveralls.

They have such a great fit man and texture can’t beat em for 30$

Yeah I like mine. I use them for my H20 cosplay. Great coveralls buddy.

Yeah I noticed that they look like the h20 coveralls like exact the same probably looks sweet man !!

Totally dude. Great coveralls and a great price

I love the color too. I’m always reading on here about going with spruce green when it comes to red kap, but I decided I wasn’t doing it. I don’t care how “accurate” the spruce green is when it comes to the original H1 colors, I have always seen navy blue, maybe black, or definitely some type of charcoal grey when watching the movie. I am in my mid 40s, grew up watching the movie as a kid, and I still see the colors I mentioned above when it comes to the coveralls. In my eyes, when it comes to the Red Kaps - Charcoal is the best color to choose.

Absolutely man I totally agree with u !