New coveralls from Beyond Disgusting Studios!

I just got my coveralls today and when I opened the box, I thought I had the Hero pair. These are well worth the money. I love them!!! I will try to post pictures when I get to the computer. Can’t seem to do it right from my phone.

Sorry about the delay. Just now got to the computer and couldn’t get any pics uploaded right on my phone. This is the only pic I have at te moment. I will take more later.

The mask is my Krazed Destroyer

Great pic man!
Congrats on your new score!

You bought from the best, they did a sick job on those coveralls. The colour on those coveralls is like they were taken from the film. Would love to see more more shots of the costume, got to say this happens every September, I am feeling the Halloween spirit here

I got my remake coveralls from BDS completed, waiting for them to redo my HOBO Jacket, plus the TOTS knife and its all going to be shipped in one box, hopefully dela torre will get his new half mask completed and it all can be shipped into one box, and my B2 was shipped monday, so that I will be getting next.

Thanks guys! BDS is definitely the best! I wish I had the money for a Dela Torre. I do have a few more pics, but I can’t get anything to post right on my phone. When I get to my computer again, I’ll try to add them.

Wow man. Josh and the guys a BDS did an amazing job on your pair. Super nice guys to deal with also. If I had ever gotten the RZ mask i paid for 2 years ago from Russel I would buy me a pair of coveralls. It doesnt get any better than this man. Epic score.

HSS do some awesome work on their remake masks, which is lacking in their H2 masks. But if you buy an artifect and a relic, get that a new repaint and that is just has good as any remake mask