New guitar!

Got a new guitar yesterday. I just scored this nice 2003 PRS SE EG. I’ve been wanting one for years. I remember playing a few when they were new when I was a kid at a local PRS dealer. I always liked and wanted one. Regretted not getting one then. Been looking at these on Reverb for a good while and I found this one and got it.

Just had DiMarzio pickups - Fast Track 2/Fast Track 1/Pro Track combo - and 500K pots installed in it.

Sweet my guitar tech has one of them and when I took by Flying V over there to have some work done on it. I took my new amp with it and he plugged it into it and it really sounded good

They are great guitars! I wish PRS would bring them back. What kind of Flying V do you have, by the way?

A beauty! :axe: