New H1 Coveralls!!

I have been trying to get a H1 costume together for the past few weeks, and man, the other day my local Kmart was having sales because its closing, and everything was 20-50% off and my little brother told me they had coveralls so I went searching and found this incredible pair of coveralls, for only 20$ !! Let me know what u guys think !! (this is me as the shape, I am a skinnier guy, but i still love to be Michael Myers!! )

You’re definitely not too skinny, looks just right honestly. Awesome shots

Thank you so much man! Happy Halloween!!

Look great, dude!

Looks great man! And don’t worry about being too skinny, you actually have the perfect body type for Michael Myers :slight_smile:

They look really great! Is there a tag or brand name on them? Your pictures are awesome

You have the right body for a Myers H1 dude :slight_smile: Nick Castle was a fairly skinny guy so you don’t look off in any way. You complete any accuracy if your looking for it. Damn those coveralls are nice btw! Would they happen to have any brand name? For 20$ they look pretty grate. Unfortunately for me, my Kmart closed it’s doors back mid 2016-17?? around that time so I never did get any proper “new” coveralls until of last year a my local hardware store that has it’s own section of coveralls. Literally Myers Paradise, lol. Came with Olive Green, to complete my H2 looks and Dark Navy for the rest of the Myers.

Thank you so much bro, i appreciate it!! the brand name was “DieHard” and yeah its sad i think my kmart was the last one standing, the harrison ohio location :frowning:

Thank you man, i used to do photography alot, and the brand name was “diehard” ! thank you for looking

thank you man happy halloween (:

thanks brother ! happy halloween !

whats funny is, sears made OG coveralls for H1, and Sears owns Kmart lol here is the same coveralls only from Seras website!

Looks awesome, and I think you’ve got the right size/build to be Myers.

You look solid :pumpkin: :rock:

:pumpkin: Thanks for the brand name. If anyone wants pairs theyre still sold on the Sears & K-Mart website, they come in
charcoal grey too :myers:

The ones I’m wearing in the shots are the charcoal grey ones!

Your sh :pumpkin: tting me ? I thought they were a green color? Thats so weird I was looking for a green pair on their site.
I had no idea they pull off a green look :laughing:

Same Here! They definitely appear to be a green color. My green coveralls look grey in most pictures. So strange

yeah its just the filters and the lighting make it shift colors, some filters have green shadows and some have blue shadows

thats why i went with grey because it just varies all the time it never looks the same