New horror autograph score

This arrived today from CSR Collectibles. I was recently browsing their website on the preorders/private signing section and seen they had some Scream actors and stuntmen. I didn’t have any signed Scream stuff, so I decided to get something. I saw that they were having a private signing with Lynn McRee, who portrayed Sidney’s Mom, Maureen Prescott, and were taking preorders and I thought, “Man, I gotta pick one of these up!”. I got it personalized, too. I was a little kid when 3 came out and I always thought the scene this particular shot if from of Sidney having the dream of deceased Mom pretty unsettling. They also sent a free trading card of Kurt Bryant, who was one of the stunt guys in the Ghostface costume.

Awesome score :rock: :rock: Congrats :drinkers:

Thanks! I also got this over the weekend. Again, from CSR Collectibles. Mike De Luna. He filled in for Richard Brooker in a couple of scenes in Part 3.