New/Newer autograph scores.

Wanted to share some autographs I added to the collection over the past couple of months that I forgot to post and one that I got over the weekend. One is from musician Richie Scarlet. He had a book that recently came out not too long ago and I got the package that came with the book, two guitar picks, two pins/buttons, and autographed poster, and autographed card. The second autograph is from a band called Kore Rozzik. And the last one came in yesterday. It’s an autographed album and book from Peter Frampton. Ordered them from his site. Thought I’d share! :slight_smile:

Just added these to the collection, too. They came from the KISS Haven site. Authentication included. Got an autographed 8x10 of Paul Stanley and another autographed 8x10 of Ace Frehley.

Just added this to the collection, too, about 3 weeks ago. 8x10 autograph from Vinnie Vincent. Came from the site Horror Autographs.