New Pics NMM78

Thought I would post up some pics of my CGP NMM78. Tried some new editing on photo bucket. But I want to preface this by saying I’m no Simon (psychoSI) LOL! On with the pics! P.S. I didn’t resize these.

You don’t see these as much as 75ks, but I still think it has that rare value and an original look. The 78 feel is so spooky in these images. Great pics!

Wow!! Thanks for the kind comments my friend!!! Really appreciate it!! And I totally agree!

I’m a huge fan of the Mid-era NMM78 and your copy is the run I like the best.
Too bad they were
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kaizu!! Luckily it fits my huge dome well! LOL

It’s Awesome NMM78 !!


Awesome NMM78 you got there and nice pics!! Not all of the CGP NNM78’s were huge, I have one and its no bigger than my other NMM78’s or my Phsyco…

Thanks LRSR and Devileyes!!! Appreciate the kind words!

Cool shots!!