Just got this today! What do you guys think?
photo 200.jpg

That’s a Rot, not a Buried.


But it’s definitely a nice copy. Lewis does some very good blood work and this one is quite exceptional.

hope you didnt pay a buried price for the rot :open_mouth:

Pretty close to that! Been doing tons of searching and just kept going back to this one!

That’s awsome… Dean

Thanks Dean!!!

that mask is insane bro,the bloodwork looks awesome,that would definately scare the

awesome score bro, i love the blood work!! :smiley:

I think these should be in the Rob Zombie forum, nice mask though

Nice Sweet Blood Work!


Lewis charges $299 for his H2 Rot on ebay.The quality of his work is second to no one.His paint and finishing is always out of this world.The first H9 Rot I got ,I couldnt believe how good the hair work was.He uses hand dyed mohair and its silky soft.It will style any way you want it.Since then Ive bought and sold 4 H9 Rots.Lewis’ work is well worth the money.That mask you have there is one of the best copies Ive seen.Congrats on a killer mask.