NEW RZ masks from QOTS Nurse Killer prototype copy #1

Preview: QOTS new RZ mask New Sculpt Nurse Killer copy #1
There are a few others involved in this project so excuse for not rembering everyones names. This thing is sick and is not sculpted from the anamatronic head. This os much more accutate. And proud to own the 1st copy of the Nurse Killer. He came home just in time to!

It’s a nice mask, but I wouldn’t say it’s as accurate as Dela Torre or the Destroyer by Russel. They used the animatronic head, but hey…it worked.

I agree.

The finishing though is great! Some if the best blood work I’ve seen on a RZ. Sweet!

I actually disagree I own a dela tore and have owend another as well and they are bad ass for sure. But no disrespect to Russell the Destroyer is not a very good looking mask. Just because they used the anamtronic head does not mean its automatically more accurate. These are quick shots just on an under sized foam head. I gurantee if you had it in your hands and compered the details you would change your mind. I respect you opinion though. But i own both so thats what i think. I dont get paid to promote it either, lol. Respect

:myers: :rock: :drinkers: looks great - Here’s a few pics from Scott before he sent to you

Thats awesome i didnt even get to see those just a couple progress pics along the way. Thanks for posting them. I truly could careless if someone doesnt like it especially cuz it dosent come ffom the a amatronic head. That head doesent make the burieds and destroyers perfect. I love the burieds dont get me wrong. I own a few. The destroyer not so much. Thanks for posrt

This mask is amazing! are they being sold yet and if so do you happen to know how much?

Absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to have this bad boy next to my Zombie

I know Scott worked something out with me to get the first copy of the Nurse Killer but I assime they are ready by now. Don’t know for sure though. Price is $750

It’s nice but I’d still go with an Artifact or a Buried.

750!? :laughing: :unamused:

Its ok but I feel for the price the zombie line-up missed the mark. I feel the DT line-up is still the better option.

It’s a good looking mask but not entirely accurate.