New Score - H4 Bandaged Myers Escape 1:6 Figure!

**_This is a tad different but I am collecting some custom made 1:6 Myers figures (mostly from our own DarkArtist81 who is INCREDIBLE, but this one came elsewhere) and wanted to add a H4 Bandaged Myers to the mix.

This thing turned out SICK and came complete with the huge crowbar thing Michael used to kill the mechanic in the garage who was asking for a wrench.

The only thing that was lacking was blood on the head bandages. I’m no artist but I added the blood as you can see in the last few pics.

Hope you guys like it!:


Nice little score! :rock:

That’s cool man, first one I’ve seen

Pretty cool little figure you have there the bandages looks accurate.


That is awesome!

super cool benny and nice touch with the blood. never saw a figure like that one brother.


Very nice :sunglasses:

yo thats insanely sick love it!

Thanks guys, I know it isn’t a huge score or anything but I really like the way it turned out!

Thanks for the cool comments and interest in my little score.

great job on the blood.