New Score HSS H4 Style

Hey Guy’s just got this one in today, Sam McCain Sculpt i got really drawn into this one i just love the facial details and the finish looks clean and fresh with some nice light shading and im not big on H4 style usually but i tell ya for me this one really does Give me a Good H4 vibe in fact would like to have seen this one used in the movie IMO i think it would’ve been great :stuck_out_tongue: so anyways heres some pics worn shots to follow when i pick up some colour accurate coveralls hope you like it guy’s :slight_smile:


Definitely not a H4. Looks like a Maniacal or Devious, which are based on H1.

It’s a MichaeL mask from Kreation X. they were sculpted by Sam. very good mask though! it was actually one my first Myers masks!

Thanks jim appreciate the compliment Bro and thanks guy’s, yeah may not be full on H4 but i get that vibe with this one for sure and yeah its a kreation X Mask and a Damn good one at that :wink: :mrgreen: and while it might not be H4 to some people i think its better IMO some of them H4’s do nothing for me and this would have been a great follow up mask for the movie given its overall Look and feel :slight_smile:

Great score! :drinkers: Hopefully my HSS H4-Vincent Drugstore mask from this same mold will be here soon. Never been much of an H4 guy (outside of Jamie) but something about that sculpt just screams it to me. Congrats again on a fine score :rock:

I agree with you Completely Brother Bridge, and good to see someone else getting that H4 Vibe goin on here,and Thanks Bridge for your kind words Bro:drinkers:

Awesome score, my man! I remember seeing this on KX’s site when it was first released and thinking Sam did a really nice job on the sculpt. Great mask at a great price. And I see where you’re coming from with the H4 vibe and I dig that spin you’re putting on it. Congrats, brother. :drinkers:

Huge congrats!! That’s a great mask…I also like the blue tint that is has going on there :rock:
I’ve always thought about picking one of these up from Kreation X. I really like the face on this guy.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Blue Ma Man and Nick my Fellow Brother appreciate the great comments :drinkers: and yeah certainly far from the most expensive piece around but great value non the less and sometimes its not all about price, but rather on what a mask can Deliver in terms of that wow factor for me :mrgreen:

THe mask is ok but I’m still not understanding
The whole h4 vibe?
I just don’t see h4 at all here!
Am I the only one?

Each to there own on this one,this mask is based and intended to be a H1 Costume Mask and i do see those features in it aswell but the eyecuts face shape and other little details give it some H4 in my eyes But as i stated previously not everyone will see H4 here but hey everyone has there opinions and there more than welcome to express them :slight_smile:

I can see where you’re coming from about the H4 look. I think it’s the eyes that are similar.

Nice mask regardless.


Painting it now…should ship next week.

Nice score man :drinkers:

I Couldn’t AGREE with You more!!! Not at all a H4 fan. But This Mask would Definately be A Great replacement for the screen-used. The H4 mask is IMO, terrible. Now , This is a different story here!! I Love it!! Congrats and enjoy!!! :drinkers: Bob

Thanks bob as i say i was never a massive fan on the H4 Screen used and i showed my brother who’s not really into masks at all that screen used mask in the display case on youtube and he laughed at it and said it had the expression of a fish which cracked me up so that goes to show that mask had very little creep factor and could not be taken seriously IMO many H4 Nutzzz may Disagree with me on this though.

I’m sure the H4 Nutzzz will want to hang me from a tree after this but IMO only, I think they did a Lifecast of Larry from Three’s Company for this mask! Sorry to offend anyone, Its My Opinion Only!

I don’t know my mask looks pretty damn creepy if you ask me. Tell your brother he looks like a recast :wink:

There is no way that’s a HHS h4 I have one and that’s my fav mask bro… Sorry