New Score!!! More Pics Added Pg 2

Got the Resurrected in today! Perfect fit! Definitely my favorite mask in the collection of three. Haha.


great mask man…Looks awesome

Congrats, that’s a great score!! The mask looks awesome and fits you perfectly, great pics!

Thanks for the kind words guys! Gary does a great job on these!

looking good!!! :rock:

hmmmmm that mask looks strangely familiar to the one i shipped out a couple of days ago…WAIT A MIN that IS the mask i shipped out!!! Looks good on ya man, I’m glad you’re happy with it :sunglasses:

It’s the best man I can’t thank you enough!!

Sweet score man. You should post a pic of it among your other masks. :slight_smile:

Here ya go

Looks badass, man. I watched Resurrection the other day, and it really is an entertaining movie (despite the consensus around here LOL). Loree did a good job. Glad you can add it to your collection. :axe:

Sweet collection bro!!! And nice score :smiley:

Very cool score!! Fits perfect indeed!! :rock:

Nice score! Congrats man

Thanks for the compliments guys! They mean alot! :smiley:


nice score :rock: i love mine…

THanks! Does anyone know what kind of hair Gary uses for these? Its very full feeling and AWESOME haha

thats a great addition man looks sweet! :rock:

very cool man! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :drinkers: