Here is my new score i got off ebay the ssn v2

Congratsss Man Sweet Score!! :sunglasses:


congrats on the score Gavin, cant wait to see some pics of this badboy of your own, Z

Congrats man!! Nice score!!

:open_mouth: $450?

gavin told me over the phone, it was 350…the guy removed it off ebay and he bought it, for 350, Z

Gotta love the V2.0 the most accurate Winston replica you can get IMO. Congrats on a sweeeeet score! I love mine

Thanks ron!

Damn he came down a lot from his asking price. Still a very nice mask reguardless :sunglasses:

Actually $450 is a decent price, these are not easy to find. I would not take 350 for my #2 copy. So if he got it for that he did good. Check the gallery and see what it says they’re going for. I believe it says 350-400 and that has not been updated in about a year, so 450 is pretty much in the ball park. Oh and good luck even finding someone who is willing to sell theirs. You did good Bro

Thank you very much ron i know its original and it has the tag and its #47 i believe lol cya, gavin

Actually it shows #47 on the tag, even better. :smiley: These are inherently kind of small in size, about 23-23.5", I got lucky with mine. It’s more like 24"

Nice score bro. And to get him to go down a hundred dollars is very nice.

Thanks guys!!!

Great score!!