I’m sure this is nothing to exciting to some people here but I thought I’d share it for those who are interested :laughing: My 5 Halloween DVD’s came in about a month ago and I just got around to putting DVD artwork on them (obviously they came with no artwork). All of these are made by myself in Photoshop using other covers, production photos, and fan art from the films. I don’t have the fancy CD labels that are pre cut and you print your image on there and all that junk. So I had to use regular sticky paper. I printed the images, pulled the “sticker” off of the papers, placed the top of the papers on the table, VERY CAREFULLY put the discs on the table under the papers, and slowly brought them down onto the discs… :open_mouth: I then had to cut around the discs to get off all of the paper that was left hanging there and I cut the circles out with a box cutter…Pretty time consuming :laughing: I’m proud of myself :mrgreen: I’ll post pics of the paper that I used. Tell me what you guys think about my work and these fan edits, workprints, and the fan film :smiley:

The discs first.

HalloweeN 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (The PhineasBG Edit “AKA” The Thornless Edition).

I haven’t gotten around to watching this whole thing yet but I have skimmed through it and I realized that it’s not COMPLETELY thornless…shortly before the finale, Dr. Loomis is pacing around the house and you can see the thorn symbol clearly on the wall. Planning to watch this one soon.

Halloween: Inferno

This I have watched even before I bought the DVD but I thought it was so great that I had to buy it. This is a fan film made in 1999 I believe. It doesn’t have MUCH to do with Michael Myers himself but it has an excellent storyline and it’s very well edited. The acting is a little mediocre but overall great movie. I’m planning on redoing this cover because the picture I printed out wasn’t big enough to cover the whole disc so I’ll post pics when that is done…which will most likely be tomorrow.

HalloweeN: H20 (The Workprint)

I haven’t watched this one yet either but I have color corrected it, removed the timer at the bottom by cropping the video with new black bars, and put it on a new DVD because the original DVD had no menu so I took it into my own hands to make a menu for it myself. The picture on it is slightly improved but not too much…I don’t know when I’m going to watch this one honestly…on Halloween??? :laughing:

HalloweeN: Resurrection (The Workprint)

As some of you may know, this workprint of H8 differs from HalloweeN: The Homecoming. I have watched this and it is AWESOME! I was so excited to get this in the mail because it was the one that I was expecting when I purchased my copy of HalloweeN: The Homecoming. It has a TON of never before seen footage, alternate dialogue, and an alternate score. I have also color corrected this one and I re-cropped it with new black bars.

Halloween 2K7: Scary As Hell Edition

This is my least favorite out of the bunch of DVDs I purchased because I’m not a big RZ Halloween fan. I have watched most of this DVD but near the end I took it out because I still couldn’t stand watching it and the reason not just because I don’t like RZ’s Halloween. Everything got so annoying with the excesive cursing/use of the “F” word…and Scout Taylor-Compton’s screaming :laughing: But there are some things changed in this edit that do give the film a creepier vibe up until Michael exits the sanitarium. Everything from then and on its basically the same. The first time I printed this one I printed it on the wrong side of the sticky paper so I used that as a cover for the case I have it in right now. I have all of the disc in these basic cases at the moment.

CD case

Disc artwork

This is the paper that I used to make these covers

For some reason I love the way this picture came out :laughing:

AND JUST FOR FUN, SOME WORN PICS WITH MY PHANTOM. I am not wearing coveralls in the pics because I’m still in need of a new pair of coveralls. I grew out of my old pair :angry:

I love the way these last two pics came out…If only I were wearing coveralls in them :angry:

This was probably the longest topic I’ve ever posted! Hopefully a lot of people check it out :laughing: Thanks for looking guys! :mrgreen:

Scary As Hell Edition just about made me pee myself laughing.
Good job,
~ Jackson :laughing:

HAHA Thanks bro!

Nice scores man and great work,looks good :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looking great!!! :open_mouth:
Done with much love for details… Thumbs up!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you man!!!

Wow great job, your a brave man to take a knife to a halloween movie. alot braver than me :laughing: good job :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: .tom.

Whats halloween h2k7 edition?

It’s just a re-edit of the 2007 Halloween remake. The score stays the same but there are some added scenes and it deletes elements that make the movie too overboard.

Wow those all look sweet!! Im actually looking for someone to make me some custom dvd slips and disc art ? If interested please PM me and we can talk about it, Great job!!!