New TOTS Mask for 2022 - Deluxe Myers V2 & Halloween Ends

Haven’t seen this mentioned on the board yet, but the new TOTS 2022 catalog lists two new Myers masks for 2022.

First is the Deluxe Myers V2. Second is official confirmation that a Halloween Ends mask is on the way.

That H2 looks good and I’m curious what the Ends mask will look like

Never been a fan of the Lunatic, but I’m anxious to see the ends mask, although I doubt they release it anytime soon. A flashback mask is what we need.

I agree. They are nuts if they don’t release one

Yes a flashback is what we need. Unfortunately we have to pay these ridiculous prices instead to get close to the flashback.

Am I the only one that never liked ToTs H2 mask? It seems cheaply made especially the hair. But I’m liking this new version.

I Love the h2 it’s just way to freakin big man there is no way in hell I can wear it comfortably or look proportionate, the sculpt is absolutely perfect if they ever came out with small copies the Rehaul community would eat it up no doubt

I wish TOTS would just make 2 versions of every mask, a kids sized and their standard size, that way everyone wins, the 2018, Kills and Ends, need to be consistent in size

What’s funny Colin is a few years ago they actually did make smaller sizes of the H2. There was the standard one, then there was a version called “small” and one called “child”. I actually have one of the “small” copies. It fits like a Tramer or H4. The child copy was 3/4 of the size of an H4 or Tramer.

They only did that for one run, and that was it. Not sure why they didn’t stick with it.

The Ends mask should be just the Kills with the with blood.

True, I also wonder if the mask is gonna look more weathered after the time skip.

He h2 deluxe looks very similar to the paint scheme on my old nightowl lunatic. If these look like that, I’d probably pick one up.

I’m hoping the h2 is smaller than the regular deluxe by a good margin. It looks nice.

I agree man. Absolutely ridiculous how large the 78 is too. Its like they make these masks for ogres


Maybe barley visible decay off the burnt side but who knows until we see it

This right here is definitely some valid input to give to tots concerning a select few of their masks. Not only could it generate sales and entice people who would otherwise pass on a specific Myers mask due to size, but it could be good for specific accuracies like the original size of the Kirks were "22/"23’s I believe.

Exactly, most kirks were about 24" in size, but not all of us have melon heads

Like I said, they have already done this with their H2, but it was actually 3 different sizes. The deluxe, the small, and the child. They were last available in early 2017, as you can see in this screenshot from that time. Now maybe it didn’t sell as well as they thought and that’s why they ended it after only one run, but who knows.

I just know they have already done it in the past and I actually have a copy of the small size of the H2 from that run. Make enough noise and maybe they will bring the concept back.

How did the small compare to the standard and kids size?