Nightmare Toys Halloween Kills mask

See this is the perfect example of how much better this mask looks in the proper lighting. Low light or at night, this will look great. If you are looking to display it, or wear it in broad daylight or a Con, then a rehaul will really take it to the next level. There is potential here.

I will have two copies coming in, once one of them arrives I will take some proper costume shots and see what we can do with it.

Cool Mike. Will look forward to seeing your pictures man :jack_o_lantern:

Mine will be delivered on the 18th, but I won’t be able to upload pics til the 21 probably

Yeah Jay I think there is potential for some cool shots with this thing. We shall see what I can come up with🤔

It’s crazy to me that people are being so anal about this mask. There’s so much detail here that no other mass produced mask has had. There’s a good bit of white and the charred hair looks fantastic and is very much unexpected. I’d say it’s the gold standard of mass produced so far.

Agree, with the right lighting this thing is going to be sick. I like to get one and just paint it all white with the right shadings like your casual 78 look and see how it comes out. I bet it would look cool.