NOES part 1

Does anyone have any clear photos, behind the scenes or whatever from around 1984 when part 1 was made? I am more interested in color photos of the glove and fedora. Looking to try and track down a fedora and glove. I have seen other old forum posts where people say the part 1 fedora was grey in color, rather than brown. From photos I have seen the fedora does appear grey with a ribbon, or whatever that’s called, around the crown.

Really curious to see what photos some folks have. :freddy

There’s very few shots, cause they’re all in Lou Carlucci’s photo album which he never releases shots from, you can get a Godfather Fedora and rub ash on it to lighten it up

Don’t know if you’ve seen these but here’s some. The hat was grey with the band still on. The glove shots are stills from the opening scene.

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If you are also still looking at gloves as well, checkout Hell razor gloves and Glove Love Sweden at options for the Part 1 hero glove

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