Oh Well, We All Make Mistakes

Hey all,

I’m sure most of you saw this Kirk mould on eBay recently. It first sold for $2,600, but the buyer didn’t pay so it got re-listed. The seller only posted photos of the inside of the mould by looking down into the mould, making it very difficult to tell what Kirk it was. Written on the mould is “Off Kirk foam master” and “Cybered up size” and 1998 on top. From this I thought there was a good chance it was the master mould of the '98 proto. So I took a chance and put in my bid and won it for $539. Keep in mind I’m located in Australia… so the shipping cost me $165! Of course, if it was what I thought it was, it would be a great investment. Look how much Nik has made off the '98 proto!

Fast forward to today and it arrived! I was so excited as I really thought this was the '98 proto master and it would kick-start my mask making career. Then I saw the face… no detail at all. :cry: Clearly not the proto mould at all. My guess is this: remember the small Kirk foam master that showed up a few months ago? I think DPS put a mould over that, cast a copy in that mould, enlarged that copy and this is the mould of that. Hence the lost detail and washed-out features. And what really pissed me off is the mould and silicone is two-part. In other words, the seller could have taken it apart and got a good photo of the face! :imp:

I did a really quick clay pour of the face just to see how it looked. As you can see, it still has nice Kirk features but the detail is non-existent. There was some remnants of clay already in the mould, so I guess DPS used this mould to make the 99 sculpt. I guess I will retool it and add all the details one day. It’s cool to own a bit of DPS history, but I’m just super bummed about it all. I’m off to drown my sorrows now. :laughing: :cry:


You know a hell of a lot more about pouring and mask making than I do, but in my untrained eye, I see potential IDK. :rock:

See, I tried to help you out by out bidding you but you wouldn’t let me have it :wink:

To me, it looks great. :drinkers:

I think it looks pretty good actually. I can barely see what you described. If you did not say anything, it would hardly be noticeable. After a good paint job, I world imagine some really nice masks can come from this. :smiley:


Sorry that it didn’t turn out to be what you were hoping for Mark! However, there does indeed appear to be some salvageable qualities to the mold.

ok-so the detail is washed out :axe: …for a kirk…BUT, for myers, you wont need the eyes and you can get by with just sharpening the eyebrows…and maybe the lips a bit…i believe you can make your $$$$ back and put out a nice mask :rock:
nick m

Honestly,you throw a little detail on here and there and you would have a gorgeous Kirk!!That actually looks pretty awesome,if you ask me.Do a little tooling and you’ll have a winner.I believe you should do just that :rock:

Thanks for the comments, brothers!

Yeah, it definitely has potential. All the features are there and in place, so I guess that’s something. I’m just bummed as I was hoping it would look like this:


This is definitely not a mistake, Mark. I see tons of potential and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Looks awesome. Do it up! I was second highest bidder on this.

Thanks, guys. I have some more clay coming in next week and will do a clay pour of the whole mask. I’ll post some shots of that when it happens.


hey man. you can always just clay pour as you did and than tool at it and fix what you want on it. It looks awesome to me but fix it up how you like and turn it into masks =)

I don’t think it looks that bad. After a nice finish and hair job these could look great as an H2. I think It definitely has potential to be a decent looking mask.

Just work some magic, and I am sure it will turn out awesome! It’s all about how you look at it

keep us updated :tonqe:

I agree, for the price you bought it for…I don’t see you having any trouble at all making back your money !! :wink: Kinda gives you an opportunity to make it your own, depending on what you do with it !!! There are so many options !!!

I think it would make a Great Part 2 as it is !!! :wink:

Got to agree with the rest of the chaps! Lots of potential mate!