One of my RZ Myers mask's!

You need to snag some coveralls man, you’d look great with a complete costume.

Cool pics D, I’m with Matt man…grab some coveralls you psycho!! :rock:

Thanks Benny & Matt!

I know, I was just running around my house chasing my boys! Soon, YOU guys will see what size it takes to make a great RZ Myers…



:open_mouth: Yes and a sick copy at that! David fantastic pictures my friend!

I like how you styled the hair!


Anthony & Shape of fear,

Thank you!

-Big D

Dave, you always rock sick pics brother! Your jason costume pics are insane I cant imagine what you’ll look like as RZ Myers!
cheers bro! :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

yeah- i was wondering?.. is there a reason why your name on here is "Big… ?.. OH ?.. i see. yeah- it all makes sense now. :laughing:

that mask is stellar Dave! fits you nicely proportion wise. now get your self a proper work uniform to go with it…- and you and Mane can go head to head… my money would actually be on you i think. :mrgreen:

-J :wink:

Evan & 1971,
Thank you guys!!

Oh yeah, you’ll definitely be pretty much THE RZ Myers around here :drinkers:

Thank you Bridge!

I just have to say I LOVE my HSS RZ Myers H9 mask!! It is creepy as FK!!!

-Big D**

big d is an understatement, you are more a giant d lol


Thanks Cam…

-Giant D

I agree :rock: COVERALLS and more pics!!! :drinkers:


you know im playin. pm sent dude