One single change that could've vastly improved the Halloween Ends finale

Corey should’ve disappeared offscreen.

After Laurie fought and trapped Michael, there should’ve been a zoom out showing that Corey’s corpse was no longer there.

Then, and only then, after Haddonfield’s done destroying Michael’s corpse, there should’ve been a blink and miss it scene of Corey observing the
townsfolk (or Laurie specifically) at a distance, standing in the woods and then disappearing in the dark of the night.

It wouldn’t have fixed all the pacing and character issues the movie has, but it would’ve reinforced the film’s idea of Evil being hidden inside of us and being something that will never ultimately be stopped.

What do you think?

Corey shouldn’t have been a new character but rather, Allyson’s original bf Cameron. No need to introduce a new character as it creates an issue of too many hens in the roost as well as apathy to a new character that doesn’t get enough development. much like in the prequel Star Wars trilogy there was no need to kill off Darth maul and introduce general grievous, that created confusion and too many characters. if you have consistency across the trilogy fans get time to connect with the character and the writers get time to develop them. Corey and allyson’s relationship is contrived and rushed. the scene where Corey rightfully storms out of the bar traumatized by the mother of the child he accidentally killed yet feels the need to apologize to an upset allyson, feels disingenuous and illogical. they’ve only known each other for a few hours, and by the end of the film have known each other for a few days, why is allyson so invested in him it feels rushed and unnecessary, it should have just been Cameron. why they killed him is beyond me.

They took the focus off the Shape. They broke rule #1 (instituted since Halloween 3)

They are supposed to release HEnds with an additional 10 mins. Hoping there’s more Michael and less Cory.

Great idea.

This one little change would have done a tremendous amount.

It would have added depth to their idea. It would have actually given their idea a follow through. And, it is very chilling to me.

It’s a way of ending Halloween without actually ending Halloween.

I feel like it gets my imagination going.

I agree with your point, if the character of Corey was present in the other movies and had a natural character development throughout the course of the story, this movie would’ve been great.
It definitely reminds me of Star Wars as well, but more like the new ones where it’s just very inconsistent in its narrative.
That said I think this change I talked about in the first post would’ve improved the story cause atleast it would’ve delivered on one thing the movie tried to do.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing if it’s done well, a passing of the torch movie could’ve been great with the theme of Evil being perpetual and unstoppable.
They should’ve just decided if they wanted to do either a final, ultimate Laurie vs Myers showdown or done something different.
They tried to do both cause they wrote themselves in a corner, and failed to do both.

I’m thinking more like Corey fell from upstairs in the opening to the film.

That exact scene was in the leaked script and was likely cut due to test audience reception.

The original plan was an anthology, so I’m not sure how constantly diluting the original film with one awful sequel after another is “rule #1.” Season of The Witch is a good movie, vastly superior in writing and execution than all of the Myers sequels combined. As for these new films, there was potential to do something interesting by skipping all the sequels, but JLC and Blumhouse’s focus on messaging instead of story and character squandered that potential right out of the gate.

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As TLW stated in the H3 documentary, it was simply a huge mistake not to include the face of the Halloween series in the movie, a mistake that cost them at the box office, and in turn they vowed never to exclude the Shape again. So that’s why it’s rule #1. You don’t exclude Michael Myers from Halloween…that is, if you want the movie to be successful. You can blame the public for being shortsighted all you want but they’re the ones who buy the tickets.

I haven’t read the leaked script but this was the feeling I got too, its like its all set up no pay off, at least if they had gone that route it could have been its own story in the many different timelines, even with the death card it seemed they were foreshadowing and the “evil never dies, it just changes shape” but if they actually followed through it could have gone 2 ways, the first way is that Michaels “essence”(or whatever you want to call it) gets transferred and corey is now literally Michael, the characters could even call him Michael since Laurie would be aware that its not corey anymore, the second direction they could go would be setting up corey as a whole new slasher with his own personality.

as much as i do enjoy Halloween ends, I adore this change, and wished it was real, i do hope there’s something similar to that in the ending that wasn’t used and its released eventually.