Original Cartoons

I’m thinking that I want to regularly post a new Myers/horror cartoon every so often. I guess it depends on if you guys wanna see 'em! Prepare for silliness.

Here’s No. 1:

Just finished No. 2 :smiley:

Now that’s funny! :laughing:

Thanks dude!!! Lol.

These are great! I really like the art style you’ve employed here along with the minimalistic color palette. Were these done with markers? They have a watercolor like quality to them. :rock:

That’s a great H1 Myers likeness too. As soon as I saw that one I immediately imagined him sulking and pouting while thinking about Annie calling him a jerk. :laughing:

Now hurry up and post the next one! :wink:

They were done with Sharpie and blue highlighter. I used the highlighter for the light shadows, blue Sharpie for the medium tones and black finally.
Thanks a lot!! That means a great deal to me.

My sick sense of humor always ponders The Shape throwing the car in reverse really quick in that scene. Speed kills? Sure does, lol.

I’ll totally post some more as I crank through them. Thanks for the interest, brother!

Very cool art Zac! :rock:

Thank you!!!

Here’s one i just did:

Your visual art is sweet! I’ve always liked the idea of making a little cartoon but my drawing skill is relatively primitive…here’s an idea: maybe on the board we could brainstorm about comic ideas and you can bring them to life??

Thanks so much for the kind words!!

Also, I love that suggestion.
If anyone has an idea, feel free to PM me!

Dude, you should totally do some EC type stuff. I bet you’d be great at it. That new drawing has sort of an Al Feldstein thing going on. GOOD LORD! :wink: :rock:

You’ve got a lot of talent. You should draw Michael from every movie.

That’s a HUGE compliment, man.
Yeah, this one had some serious EC inspiration for sure!

Thanks, dude!

These are great. Nice job Zac!

Zac you can draw dude I mean really! This is art :bulb: the Michael dream #2 I just wanna make a poster :laughing: that is great to see again :smiley:
I would love to see you do something from H2! :smiling_imp:

Thanks so much, friend!

Thanks a ton, Don! I’m seriously glad you guys dig these.
If there was any market for it, I’d offer prints and such. :laughing:
I plan to do some more from H2 when the ideas hit!

This is an awesome idea. Good artwork man!

That is very much appreciated!