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This is part one of my exclusive interview with Mark Roberts who is the owner of the Halloween/Halloween II hero Michael Myers mask since 2003. My questions are in yellow followed by Mark’s answers in white. This was great of Mark to take the time to do for all of us and I certainly know I appreciate and enjoy it very much, I hope you will also.

Mark, I’d like to start by saying on behalf of myself, Derek, the rest of the moderating team and all the other members here at, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. It has been 13-14 years since we have seen the mask so this is probably a bigger deal to us than you even realize!

The first question I have for you is what led you to acquire the Michael Myers hero mask from the classic films HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II?

*After the initial answer above Mark recalled a little more information and did some checking of his records to determine exactly when he went to pick up the hero mask, that information has been added here…

Concerning the hero mask, the last time we saw a public picture of the mask was fourteen long years ago. Most of us guessed the hero mask was probably long gone by now based on the last few pics of it that we had seen. Obviously from the two pictures you shared with me for this interview, that is not the case! What measures did you take to preserve the hero and have you ever considered someone like Tom Spina (who did an AMAZING job restoring the part five hero) to give the H1 hero the same treatment?

[In response to having Tom Spina possibly restore the H1 hero]

This next question is one that I have wondered about many times. What does the guy who owns the actual hero mask consider to be the best H1/H2 mask replica out there?

Mark this next one is a request instead of a question. It would be a HUGE treat for all of us fans to see a current pic of the hero, coveralls, scalpel, boots and knife if possible! It’s been about 14 years since any pics have surfaced and new pics would absolutely be the best Halloween treat we could ask for!

**Just a note: Mark obviously was kind enough to entertain this request, the cool part is he actually sent them a few minutes before midnight on HALLOWEEN! There were two pics of the hero, a pic of the boots, coveralls, Elrod knife and scalpel for a total of six pics. I’m going to show three pics here and three pics in part two of the interview.

Initial response…

Follow up…

MM.Net Hero front watermarked.jpg
H2 Scalpel
Hero 10 31 2017 Scalpel(3).jpg
H2 Boots
Hero boots.jpg
Some other questions I asked Mark and a few more questions from you guys will be forthcoming in part two of this interview. There will also be another pic of the hero, boots and coveralls as well!

Wow much better condition than I expected, it’s glad to hear he’s doing everything he can to make sure the mask is in good condition. Very awesome interview :slight_smile:

Incredible to see this mask again! Thanks for your time in setting this all up for us site members! Much appreciated!


Wow… I have no words left at the moment… Just WOW!!!

I surely hope he decides to get it restored. Not altered or enhanced, just well done restoration. Wonderful job Benny.

Too cool!! Thank you for doing this for the community!!

And in my opinion this puts to rest the notion that it was repainted. It was not that I can see.


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I wonder if he will show pics of the coveralls, I’ve been dying to see the color of them in natural lighting.

Benny this is insane!!! I’m so glad you did this and I can’t wait for the second half! Saved all of the photos. While it’s condition has worsened a little bit, it looks pretty good for its age. Adding the photos to my guide now. I do think he should have it restored, but not repainted or anything. Just restored. I don’t know, I still think it was repainted.

Something that saddens me about this- I don’t think I would want to own the mask like I used to dream of. While it’s an amazing piece of film history and my favorite by far, I don’t think I could stand to see it this way or have it fall apart anymore. If I did own it I would HAVE to have it restored/foam filled, etc.

Like I said I can’t wait for the second part and more pictures. You have made my dreams true.

He will, Benny said so :slight_smile:

Also, you can see what I assume is the coveralls in the boots pic!!
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 3.45.22 PM.png

I’m amazed at the condition the hero is in after all these years, now it’s something I personally think would make a killer look for the new movie, instead of the mask being pristine!

Didn’t even catch that! good eye. I bet those are the coveralls :smiley:

I definitely think Tom Spina would do a great number on the mask, he could re-attach the piece of the neck that fell off and fix up the mouth area, the rest of the mask would stay all original

Amazing condition considering the age, Sounds like Mark is taking exceptional care of these items, which is great to hear. I’m so happy to see it not being a pile of mush. Interesting you can STILL see bits of dirtiness around the forehead, tip of the nose, lips and eyebrows. The eyebrows themselves look exactly like some of the NAG eyebrows, like the ones on the H78 and the 75K with the more horizontal lines. Hair still looks like it’s in amazing shape, better than what we saw in the 2006 picture, actually. Looks right off the set of H2. James’ hairing work has definitely been spot on. I also love that the cheeks are still very well defined. Something I notice with most replica masks is that the cheeks are too subtle, but masks like the H78 and the KH/DW have been very good about making the cheeks pop. All in all, I’m very impressed with the condition, and extremely excited to see these pics.

So cool too see the Hero is still alive :slight_smile:

Also, that hair looks solid brown! I can’t wait to see his answer on the hair color!

The weathering and dirt is just magnificent. :rock:

Thanks for the post and efforts put into this thread! Looking at the Hero, I see some Psycho, HMK, and old mold 75K IMO