Party City confirmation of Ends mask

I called a few of the Party City locations and they said there is a sku for the Ends mask. It says Halloweeen Kills/Ends in the description and its a new sku. Any word from Trick or Treat Studios yet? Any ETA?
My guess its the same mask as kills with less blood and more green and ash coloring due to rot. Anyone else hear anything?

I’m thinking it will be similar to

Anyone? :slight_smile:

TOTS doesn’t get to decide when to reveal or release the mask. It is up to 4 studios related to the film, and Chris said they’re all making a decision on when to release and haven’t yet given the green light. My thinking is that in a few weeks we will get another trailer and that’s when they’ll let it release

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I don’t think it’s anything worth getting excited about

I dont really think many are at all excited about the Ends mask. I havent seen much buzz over it, but I also havent been searching for it. I dont care at all about it. So there may be more people than I think who are itching for it.

It’s just the Kills mask with a few extra steps to me, so it’s kind of a pointless mask to even release since the film is more than likely going to bomb

While not ‘exciting’ I annually hit up my local Spirit every year when they 1st open. Always curious on offerings, and in the last few years, the two different sizes of the 2018 masks can be worth looking out for[emoji2373]

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Ive noticed the two different sizes as well. Small and REALLY freaking small

You are not wrong.
Small examples on left and right, and REALLY SMALL in the middle.

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Lmaoo that’s because of JJCs head is ridiculously small for his size , when I met him I was taller than him strictly because of how small his head is :joy: I mean, I got a noggin tho

There’s a rumor going around that it will be nearly impossible to overhaul. I don’t see how that could be but it’s going around FB and Instagram

What do you mean nearly impossible? Like the paint will be hard to remove or?

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If you’re hearing it from “boogyman” studios I wouldn’t take it too seriously. There’s 0 chance he has inside knowledge when others don’t.

Chris Zephro made a post about saying no artist has come close to the kills mask, and I believe he said the same exact thing to the upcoming ends mask, which I believe is Boogeyman Studios’ source. However, I believe anything is possible, and there are so many talented artists that nailed the look of the H40 and Kills mask.

Local Spirit store has slim pickens on day 1.

Yawn. I wish they would stock TOTS knives at least[emoji53]

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Same thing at my Spirit Halloween. Out of maybe 8-10 copies of the 2018 mask, only one was a good copy that wasn’t the size of a baby’s head lol.

Party City a week ago. Completely blah but I had not seen them before. Price wasn’t listed and I didn’t ask

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Yikes :laughing:

Its $220.00

Halloween 2? Yeah more like a balding H6 with resurrection eyebrows.

Also, they used the image of Ben Tramer burning :laughing:

Good eye. I didn’t even notice that. Was just laughing at the animatronic. Guess the image of a burning Tramer legitimizes it as being an H2 product :laughing: