More to come…

Nice Matt!

NAG 98 Proto 1st copy.

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AHG 75k Old Mold

I thought this was a Don Post from first glance. :confused:


Very Nice H4 Matt! Great shots gang!

At first I didn’t know either, probably just that pic, I bet it looks a hell lot better :smiley:

Matt that’s H4 is hands down one of the best ones to date & Benny that H20 looks like the hero bravo to you both. I have contributions at the moment since I’ve sold most of my Myers stuff… that will change soon I hope :slight_smile:

You have a great mask.

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Lovely mask you have there , Cade.

Here’s what I was referencing that picture to. I appreciate the positive comments guys.

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Nice pic Cade .

Nice pics everyone! collectiblesUL, Love that Hannibal set up! DaleJrCade nice mask! Hallowseve83 That pic is one of the best worn shots I seen you post in awhile! Icedgxe, Nice set up! Killah, That’s a killer mask! Just realized this was the 2nd page for this thread! Great pics everyone on page one also!!! My pic of the day is my Chucky replica I just sold and shipped today! :pumpkin:
chuck prop 1.jpg

Great Pic Cade!!! BTW My Walls and Ceilings are White, Oh Boy!!! :laughing:

Love the 4 stamper!