Pic of the Day! tuesday 7/27/10

My first time starting this!


my Warlock

is that crypco?

Yes :smiley: I believe this is the very last Cryptco Warlock mask ever made! I order it and 2 days after, they closed down.


yeah I thought so…You can tell by the finish…

Awesome Chucky HaddonfieldSlasher!

Funny stuff Jay :laughing:

It’s only Tuesday? :open_mouth:

One me and jc worked on for a member here.

Another oldie


Something kinda crazy I’m finishing up for a customer. :smiling_imp: NAG Castle mask but H2ified… wicked looking though, thats for sure!

BTW, cool pics guys!

Sweet pics again everyone, this is my favorite part of the forum :smiley:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Love the lighting Paul!!

what happened???

Let’s add some color…

Great pics, everyone.