Have just managed to land a 75k (my first) and have been lucky enough to grab a spot in the legendary green room!
Would really appreciate seeing pics of your 75s!

Here you go. :slight_smile:

Don’t know a great deal about the originas/sculpt etc. but I’m always impressed by these 75Ks.

Great pictures guys. Really stoked about landing one of these.
:drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

Nice guys! :drinkers:

Awesome guys ! Can someone PM me with how much these cost straight from Nik as he is away at the moment and is only on here on a rare occasion.

PM sent…



That is Very nice of your shots !!! i love it :rock:

Here is a picture of the mask I am getting(picture Credit goes to Fahad)…

LOL :laughing: Just messing here is the real pic…


Cracking mask mate! Cannot wait to receive mine! :drinkers:

took a while but here are a few worn of my 75k/JC ( Dano’s old copy) …

75K SE…

i decided to send him to the greenroom for some H2 blood tears so… bye bye Kirk.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mike!!! I love that copy!!!

thanks man! But im sorry brother, the decision has been made and he is all wrapped up and ready to go.


:smiley: :rolleyes: Better NAG/JC H78 than 75K ? OR 75K than NAG/JC H78 :question: :stuck_out_tongue:

75K is on the right :sunglasses:


Fantastic 75K everyone - both converted & Kirks! :rock: :rock: I’ve been tempted to send my Kirk off for a BloodTears treatment - but it’s so hard to come across a REALLY good 75K Kirk that I’d prefer just another blank sent to JC for it. But - like I can afford anything else aside from what I’m obligated to already :laughing:

Here’s the Deluxe Edition Kirk straight from NIK:

And here’s the current NAG/JC “Hallowed Edge” that is a staple in my collection :rock: (JC’s pics)

My next will be revealed as its time arrives :wink: