post those BRUTES

weather they be real originals , SSN’s indie sculpts post them away .

I know Swampy had some mean Brute pics from before I do believe I maybe wrong they but they would be cool to see :axe:


Here you go Mike.

Here is an ssn one.

I’ve wanted one of these for a while…
Does SSN still make them?

Here is an oldie, but a goodie. :mrgreen:

The gang all dressed up on Halloween 2008 at the Myers house. Swampbilly is rockin’ the Brute. :rock: :supz:

Give it up for LOS LOOMIS. :stuck_out_tongue: :axe:

Everytime I see any picture from that time when Carlos ‘Loomis-ed’ himself I just laugh my @$$ off.

:open_mouth: is that Paul Teutul Jr!! american chopper? lol sorry guys dont know if thats still on over there, we still have it in uk :smiley:

dude! that is so cool! who is in the pic? :smiley: :rock:

Here you go SickO, the SSN Brute in all its glory.

Those masks are far out.
Great shots guys!

awesom awesom stuff :axe: soon hopefully Ill have one of those bad mothers in my collection of crap . Really love his pissed expression tho .



Love this picture :rock:

so anymore pics of these ? any other replicas / real original pics anyone got anymore cool costume shots ? :axe:


Lol! I want one!!


Here’s my SSN until Paul sends me the real deal! :mrgreen:

Swamp, this is the all-time “Brute-pic” winner. How do you top this?

Unless you add a '69 metallic midnight blue Camaro with a black convertible soft top you can’t!..well, not unless you can talk Wendy into doing that kiss in the nude! :laughing:

here is my ssn.