Post your HSS 75 converted Kirks

I know there are very few out there that have been converted, but I’m sure we would all like to see those that have. I will post mine in the next 3-4 weeks once it is complete and back home.

Here’s mine right from Sam - Kirk-Myers proto
I love this thing…

that looks really good man, love the clean look of it! :smiley:

I’m really interested to see what some members’ Kirks will look like converted since Sam made such an amazing mask. The HSS Kirk and NAG 75K are two of the closest matches to the original that I have seen so far (along with a few others of course). I guess time will tell how this mask progresses into the Myers world.

I am anxiously awaiting mine from JC. VERY EXCITED!

I can tell you right now it will be one Hell of a mask. Anything from JC is incredible. I’m waiting on mine from a fellow member here who will also do nothing less than an amazing job. Can’t wait!

I have a hss kirk but its not converted…yet :smiley: