Psycho SE Pics

I commissioned my friend, Justin at Nightowl to do a few special custom Psychos for me a few years ago. First the Psycho SE (Special Edition) which I have the first of only 4 made and a Psycho 81 which there are between 5-10 made and finally my original Psycho. His work of coarse… is excellent! I am not a great photographer but I thought you might enjoy a few photos of the SE (the other 2 will be forthcoming shortly in another post)…

awesome man…gotta love the PSYCHO

awsome mask and great pic’s…Dean

That’s a really great copy :open_mouth:

Very nice!!! :rock:

Man that’s pretty.

Nice :rock:

Very nice, The Psycho is a great mask, and the SE is top notch.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :rock:

very nice :rock:

Great mask . Very creepy!!

So is this copy#1?
Looks great :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Sharp details :rock:


Yes this is copy #1. How do you get these photos smaller so you do not have to scroll up & down to see the image, these files are are only around 70 kbs?

siiiiick mask

FYI - This is the same mask that you see on Justin’s Flickr page.

wow very nice.

Big congrats! :drinkers:

Epic… love the last two angles. Esp. the dark lighting one!

Here are the rest…IMG][/IMG]

Hey Ryn…I really don’t think “Man” & “Pretty” should be in the same sentence. :laughing:
j/k my friend. :smiley:

Great lookin Psycho. :drinkers: