Pumpkin In The Aquarium

Any body have any clue as to why the pumpkin is in the aquarium in the new movie???

Theres no conformation as to why its in there, so we have to speculate.

It’s in the same room as Michael and the blonde chick (Michael in the closet at the end of the trailer)

Assumption 1: The pumpkin is in the boys room already. Michael comes out of the closet, and a fight ensues. The girl picks up the pumpkin to hit Michael with it, he dodges and it lands in the aquarium

Assumption 2: Michael thinks the aquarium isnt decorated for Halloween to his liking, so he dumps the pumpkin in there to make the fish a little more festive :laughing:

We’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ve wondered about this too, very strange indeed ha ha

Could be sitting on top of the aquarium and falls in during a scuffle, possibly.

Why did he put a headstone on a strangers bed? His actions are often playful or mischievous, like a lot of acts that happen on Halloween. Even dressing up as a ghost. They are pranks and don’t make any sense but are almost like teenage vandalism. Michael IS Halloween. It’s one of the qualities I love about his actions that the sequels all missed. I’m glad to see they are back.

You could be right. Just checked the trailer for this scene and on the floor is what looks like blood