Got these Buried masks from Scott the other day and they are truly the best RZ masks period. The Hair and hairline are perfect. Couldn’t be happier about them. Here are some pics along side my RZ H2 screen used chairs and some bonus pics of my pool boy Dieter dressed up in my screen used Buddy costume :laughing:

Man that guy in the Buddy costume is crazy screen accurate. Nice masks man!

:open_mouth: Paul those are SICK bro!!! Scott is truly the man when it comes to these!

Very awesome masks Paul.

The standard version has a spectacular paint and hair job Paul.

Those are mind blowing :open_mouth:

Thanks guys. Scott is the man.

LOL, oh my gosh! That shit is awesome!

The recent inrush of Buried pics is making me crave getting mine even more. Nice masks and nice buddy.

Congrats Paul, those look awesome!!!

Awesome scores!! :sunglasses:

Amen! There needs to be more of these awesome masks.

Those are sick bro!!! Cannot wait to get my Buried!!!


Just kick ass!

-Big D