Question about H6

SO i assume as harcore myers fan we all have seen the directors cut of part 6. answer me this. IN the directors cut were they are doing the final sacrafice, Paul Rudds charactor says the baby is your MIchaels, Doesnt that mean that Myers had sex with his Niece. IMO opnion that is the best cut but every time i watch it, that part throws me.

im pretty sure, not 100% that, yes, michael raped his niece. in the movie, and iMO that and the producers cut are both awesome.

yea, guess it was more rape. dang i want to write a sequel or re-do that movie, i am pretty hardcore about stuff, but not like a super nerd, but when i come to part 6, i watch the normal and uncut and still feel empty, idk why… i tell ya the scene of michael being put in the van stays with me, also the end of 5 were he is sitting there in the cell. i am sure everyone says they could write a H movie, but i know i could redo and make it better, lol