Question About Terry Lambert At CGP

Hi folks. I’m a total newbie here and this is my first post ever. I’ve ordered 2 masks now from Terry Lambert at CGP; one the “Fear” mask which I promptly received and the “Warlock” mask is on the way. There’s a separate thread that talks about him not being so good to his customers and even maybe messing up masks that were sent to him. Can someone give me some more information on this because I’ve been thinking of ordering some more from him but there seems to be some…credibility issues? I’ve e-mailed him a few times and I can say that I’ve only gotten very quick, nice replies from him. So I’ve ordered a couple of masks, had one great experience so far, but obviously I haven’t had too much business with him.

Anyway, it’s great to be here with fellow Halloween/Myers/Mask Collectors! I’ve attached a pic of me in a WMP JTK. Thanks!

I have only heard of his scam involving Jay Allen. Jay sent him a 75 kirk and terry made a copy and sent back the copy instead of the original, which in case you didn’t know is worth thousands. It really sucks that he would do that, (if he actually did) but as far as just ordering a mask from him i haven’t heard anything bad. I also just ordered a warlock and he has been prompt and kind with his emails and my questions. I think you’ll be okay.

Thanks so much! That helps a lot. Jeez…man, I hope he did not rip off Jay like you’re saying. I couldn’t sleep if that happened to me. I…don’t like that.

He’s cleaned up his act in recent years, but there were times when Terry wasn’t getting orders out to customers.

Got my mask a week and half after order. Im from australia. Hes also got excellent communication. So that makes him good in my book. Now around the same time I ordered one from night owl productions this was around october last year and im still waiting for it to come.

So does Terry only sell his masks or can you send him one of your own to work on???

Id never give that dude a penny of my money…

Did he stop doing masks?..sent him 2 emails in past 2 weeks and no response. I want a fear to go with my warlock

I was considering him for an HII. Still unsure of where to go for one.

Just dont send him a 75 kirk :laughing:

If you have a mask you need worked on there are plenty of rehaulers on this site. Reputable ones who are members here and have feedback.
The thing Terry is infamous for was someone sent him a 1975 kirk mask 15-20 grand mask to be foam filled and preserved.

He takes Jays mask makes a mould w/out his knowledge or consent and sent him back a shitty copy instead of his mask

Hi, I’m new here. I just ordred a Warlock from Terry and after reading this quote I feel nervous: “He’s cleaned up his act in recent years, but there were times when Terry wasn’t getting orders out to customers.” Is it really true? Can I trust that I will get my mask? He said it will take about five or six months before I get the mask. I payed up front through paypal so naturally the prospect of waiting five to six months to get what I already payed for from someone who has been accused of not getting orders out to customers makes me nervous. Does anyone have any recent experience doing business with him?

Yes I can just about guarantee you will get your mask. I have had a few friends recently get there masks that they ordered from him. All the masks came in on the timeframe given and they all looked great. He has definitely changed his ways and I plan to also get a warlock from him soon.

Thanks for the reassuring reply. Looking forward to getting my Warlock mask in about five months hopefully.

Does anyone know the price range of the cgp warlock and fear masks?

About $240 in 2018
I think he adjusts prices slightly depending on shipping or other factors…I bought 2 masks from him last year, got them relatively fast. & Without problem.

Got my Warlock in the exact time frame Terry promised and I am very satisfied.

I ordered a Warlock from him last year, but got a wrong size, ( there was confusion about the sizing) which he instantly fixed by sending me another… I could not believe how fast this was done. So I have a thumbs up. He must be getting dozens of emails a day asking about the Warlcok… I would imagine it’s hard to stay excited about the repetition everyday, and the same questions he must always get…

This also has me nervous because I just ordered a copy of the warlock having only seen positive reviews before joining this forum and seeing alot of negative comments about the guy, I’d heard nothing but praise for him until I joined this group, I guess time will tell.

This has me nervous too because I just ordered a warlock from cemetery gates productions after hearing nothing but good things about terry lamberts work, to see these conflicting comments kind of worries me a little.

Don’t worry man, you are in good hands. Terry will take care of you! :slight_smile: welcome by the way!