Question about TOTS Myers masks?

I have searched the forum but can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for.

Can someone tell me what the following masks were called when they were in their original guise as nightowl masks…

The TOTS original Halloween '78 mask.

The TOTS Boogeyman mask.

The Halloween II deluxe mask.

Pics below.

Thank you.

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78 is an original sculpt
I believe the boogeyman is based on the nightowl Psycho
The H2 is the nightowl maniac

H2 was a lunatic, not maniac

Boogeyman/Elrod is the Psycho
H2 is the Lunatic
H4 cover poster is the Maniac
Kirk is the Shat
Hero H4 is an altered shat with new eyecuts and eyebrows with half a neck extension

Thanks everyone for the info. [emoji106][emoji106]

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