RUBIES mask review of sorts..

Got a rubies mask in mail today, thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I know it gets a lot of flak and most dislike it but for 40$ I had to get one. So when I pulled it out of the box i immediately noticed how small it seemed and thought ‘this isn’t gonna fit’…but put it on and yes it’s tight on me cause my noggin is kinda big but after wearing it for a bit and sweat in it it kinda fell into place. Kinda looks more H2 on me because of how much I fill it out. It smells funny. The hair is crap. I feel like I can just shake it and it will all fall out. It came all super matted down, so that’s a con. The eye cuts dig in my eyes a bit but may tweak them a bit. I took a bunch of worns and these stood out. All in all its pretty decent for 40$ especially if you’re on a budget or have a wife that gives you crap cuz 1 mask is enough… :laughing: So here’s some pics, I may or may not suit up and take some better shots…comments positive or negative on this welcome. Thanks for looking!

Honestly with a little TLC it could probably pull off a pretty decent look! Maybe a rehair/repaint weathering you would be in good SHAPE

Yes, definitely a re hair. I could probably remove it all with just one grab and pull. I just don’t think I want to put a bunch of money into this to get it where it needs to be. Nick @ handiboy did an amazing looking overhaul on this but just because the way it fits me I probably won’t. Seems more like a kids mask. The overall look is pretty good as is for an off the shelf mask…I’ll prob just use this as a prop on Halloween outside. I tend to like most masks I see so decided just to get it to add to the collection. Overall I’m pretty happy with it.

Nice shots, ya know this mask isn’t that bad. Its an attempt that fails short of any TOTS but is next in line Imo. Send that sucker my way :laughing: Im gonna do them sooner or later :rock:

Thanks Don, I’ve never had a tots so I don’t know…im getting the tots trammer so we’ll see…ill keep you in mind brother!

I really miss the old DP The Masks.

I know the exact smell you’re talking about. It’s from the chemically diluted Chinese latex tht they use to make these masks. For 40 bucks I would not slap that thing on my face. The sculpt is decent looking but I rather save up a little more and buy something indy.

not too bad …right from the box…we’ve all seen worse- :laughing:
heres my conversion-
SAM_8923 copy.jpg
SAM_8954 copy.jpg
SAM_8943 copy.jpg
SAM_8936 copy.jpg

Still not my cup of tea but you did do a good job making it much better!

Damn!! That conversion looks sweet! Great job! Like someone one said… A little TLC and you could have a sweet mask.


That was the first and only time I’m putting this mask on. Soon after I took it off I broke out with a zit like rash, crap around my nose and cheeks like a teenager going through puberty. Strange. Went away since but I am not putting this cheap piece of crap near my face again. Review went from 5/10 to 0/10. I will be putting this out on display for Halloween with hopes it will get stolen and someone else can contract some weird cheap mask rash, and I can at least have the last laugh. Im done buying cheap crap. The end.

I’ve never heard of someone getting a rash from a mask, that’s really sketchy! If some kid steals it on Halloween, they’ll get owned. Very much in the spirit of the holiday. :slight_smile:

Does it cost much to get the supplies for a conversion?

Considering the cost of this mask, and the $150 + conversion (re-hair, repaint etc) it’s a waste of time. Rubies = Shit!
Get a Creep or Shat or NAG or even a TOT’s. Get it right the first time and be happy!!
Fuck the establishment!

Better than the crappy Don Post mask I was using roughly ten years ago, but I still hope TOTS takes the license off their lazy hands. Very strange you got a rash from wearing it. Makes you question what is in that latex.


Where did you buy this mask?