RZ Mask Plothole?

How on earth would Steve get a mask like that in 1992. Looking at a don post mask from 1992 the quality is very different, Its clearly not a mass produced mask. I don’t think Steve is the kind of guy to shell out a ton of money for a mask just to have sex in it. Also how does it get more weathered away in one year than it does in 15.

Wow I think you are reaching a bit far

I believe the first part of the movie when the mask is new takes place in 1978? And I assume in H2 the mask degrades even more from being covered in blood and being out in the wild for a year

It doesnt take place in 1978 or else michael will be like 50 wtf movie did u watch lmao

The original Kirk was bought for, what, $3.50? Had all the details the original Myers mask needed. Ramp it up to $10 in 1990 for giggles and that’s probably what it was purchased for in-universe.

Honestly, the RZ mask could’ve just been some dumpy ripoff Frankenstein mask or something in-universe.

The movie isn’t set in 2007, that’s just when it came out. He kills at 10 years old in '78. Then 2 years pass in the movie when his mom kills herself. Then it jumps ahead 15 years which would make it 1995. And Michael would be 27.

Rob says in the commentary that it’s a “non-specific” time but wanted it to feel like the 70’s in the first half of the movie

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Sorry fam i was under the impression the movie took place in 2007

I think the real plot hole here is how the Hell did a 10 year old seal the mask under solid floorboards that an adult had to rip up 17 years later?