Sam McCain is a class act!

I ordered an H2 bloody version from H.S.S. about two weeks ago and asked if there was anyway he could get it to me in time for the 23rd for a Halloween party. I offered to pay additional fees for faster shipping but he declined. I assumed I wouldn’t get it in time but sure enough, on the afternoon of the 23rd there was a knock at my door. The postman with 2 boxes, one from Sam and one from Chris from Blackcat containing the blanks I ordered in July. Not knocking Chris in anyway, I’m sure he’s a very busy guy and I’m more than happy with the blanks. I just finished painting the 31 and am about to start on the UL75. I’ll post pics as soon as they’re finished.

Congrats man!!! Two scores in one day!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sam is definitely a class act. Very friendly, great with communication and fantastic masks! He’s an asset to the mask collecting community!
Post some pics of your H2!!!

Sam is the man :drinkers:

I will, some scumbag jacked my good digital camera…My av is my display of the masks from the original series but I have a lot more I gotta post.

Yep, Sam’s a great guy all around! :rock:

Great products, great prices, Sam’s certainly one of the good-guys in my book :drinkers:

I agree 100%, Sam did an amazing Crofader edition for me, he went above and beyond with the work on it!