Snakes and bugs and worms and melting. Who’s with me?

I heard someone else talk about this today on Facebook. I think they were banned shortly after that for trolling.

I’m sure that shall be reversed.

Once they find out the power of the snakes and bugs and melting faces, I’m sure it will be reversed.

The dude got banned because he was making some type of threats and trying to belittle people while looking like an idiot.

You have 1 year…check how many I have kiddo.

I assume you must be a little more civil on the forum. That must be because you don’t want to lose your major accomplishment of being part of a forum for 14 years. Which is weird in a way, because you spent the whole day degrading people and calling them children, only to brag about how many pumpkins you have on a forum hours later. Funny you seem to be proud of your reputation, while defending scammers on Facebook.


What is the point of all this?

My thoughts exactly. Dude was acting like a total child on the facebook group and borderline threatening a dude just because he wanted his masks back from a deadline that wasn’t being met by an artist…

Don’t ever underestimate how little some other people have to do rather than hang out on a message board or try on their rubber masks and get their mom to take a picture of them in them. Yes, that’s some people on here, unfortunately. I instantly was nostalgic about this thread but was also instantly reminded why some people in this community give me the creeps, and not in a good way.