Score Scream Ghostface Masks Costumes Buck 120 Knife

You can never have enough Scream Ghostface masks lol. I also scored the awesome Spirit Halloween Buck 120 as well, and the new 25th Anniversary mask is coming soon, and much more!

Sweet, and if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the 25th mask from?

Nice, I just ordered the 25th anniversary mask from that Chicago Costume Company this morning. Maybe I should have tried Spirit again first, they didn’t have them last Friday, though.

Only places I have seen in stock, recently are

The first site seems to put a couple up for sale every day, then they go back out of stock.

I got the Spirit Buck replica as well, it’s nice to finally have something that is in the ballpark of the actual knife! I have a real Buck 120, and the replica is only about a half inch longer, so it’s close enough for me. It’s actually about the same size when the real Buck 120 is in it’s sheath. Way better than anything before it.

Also got the 25th Anniversary Mask, and it is extremely cool. Managed to grab one from Chicago Costume before they sold out. Very cool to see a proper sparkle material used. It’s actually a decently thick and heavy material. Nothing crazy, but way better than the usual super thin material. It will certainly get the job done combined with the normal fun world robe.

It would of been nice to score the actual 25th Anniversary robe though. I had no idea they were even a thing let alone pre-order, so I missed out. Hopefully at some point I can get one. I don’t even care if it’s before or after Halloween, I just want one regardless.

Yeah I was the one who posted about the Chicago Co on FB and then they sold out lol. Fun-World told me about them so I got my mask first then told everyone. Sucks the robe sold out so fast as I did not get a chance to get that. But hopefully more show up soon or next year.

I love the old school finish on the 25th anniversary mask where the white is matte and the black mouth is glossy. I really hope Funworld will go back to that style for all the standard Ghostface masks, as I’ve never been a fan of the glossy "ultra whites’ we’ve had for the past several years. I’m really impressed with the Buck knife as well, that was a pleasant surprise I didn’t expect to see. I still have one of the bloody Buck knives from Funworld, but this blows it away. I’ll try to pick one up.

Nice! Yeah I still have a real Buck 120 as well and I had a prop resin one but sold it long ago, and I had almost every phone but sold most of them. But I will post more pics later. I like the ultra whites as well as they show very well at night at my Halloween Parades. I also found an old Fantastic Faces as well at a thrift shop after having a dream about find one and then found one the next day, which I posted about on FB and then posted the next day lol. But I sold that as well so now I am rebuilding my collection.

Scored another AWESOME vintage cell phone which is the same model used in Scream 3, an Audiovox MVX405! I had a few of these over the years but sold them and now I am rebuilding my collection. Also has the stand and charger and still works! Time to call Sidney!

25th Anniversary mask.

Spirit Halloween 2011 Gemmy Scream Ghostface Animatronic.


Cool thread! :rock:

Scream Ghost Face rescores!!

Scream Ghost Face chrome mask from Spirit Halloween! “The last face you will ever see alive is the agony of your own!”

“Scream VI Ghost Face Lives Aged Mask” from Spirit Halloween!

Scream Ghost Face chrome mask from Spirit Halloween daylight pics!

Another night pic!

Scream Ghost Faces Lives costume! Looks like Ghost Face will finally LIVE again!

Nice score!
Here’s my top 3 ghostface pieces: Gen 2 poly, Gen 1 droophood, and a Gen 1 bib with costume.