Scored a "Jerk" H1!

Thanks so much to my bud Hugo F. For this one :rock: Costume Pics before too long :myers: :pumpkin:

Glad it got there so fast brother! Can’t wait to see your costume shots. :drinkers: :rock:

Very cool. It reminds me of a DB2.

Ooh that’s the extra thick copy, hope it fits you!

oh man :astonished: that is a beast Jay love that copy congrats :drinkers:

Thanks so much guys! Yeah James somewhat on the thicker side but still good to go :myers: :pumpkin:


Good looking mask!

Love James T’s work!
Great copy right there!

Nice one [emoji324][emoji106]

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Another score? :astonished:

That’s it… you’re suspended! No more masks for you this year!


Thanks all :drinkers:
One of Hugo’s pics…

:mrgreen: :laughing: :drinkers:

Looks great. Does Rowland do those now??

Yep! He just got the master in a few days ago.

Looks brilliant! How much do these beauties go for?

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Not sure how much they were brand new bud I got mine 2nd hand
Thanks guys!

Two quick worns…

:open_mouth: Wow! Love it Jay.

Thanks man. Takes great pics :rock: :drinkers: