Second Stab #21

New score!
Second Stab #21
Worn shots added.

Very sick man! Congrats


Very nice!!! :astonished:

Always liked the look of the second stab!

Thanks everyone, here worn shots!

Like the worns man!

Nostalgia overload! This is a sick mask. Great score!

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Awesome Worn shots :myers:

Awesome score man! Love the worn shots!

Is that original condition or has it been redone to look original. I’ve never seen one in original condition that hasn’t yellowed out.

Wow. Those worn shots are great! I wish my head wasn’t so large and the mask was not this small, otherwise I would consider trying my copy on. And this copy has to have been redone as I never seen an original copy with dark weathering.
Mine is as white as can be.

The mask is all in original condition, but with weathering added.
And thanks guys :slight_smile:

Love me some Second Stabs. This is the mask that got me into this hobby.

Those have to be the cleanest eyecuts I’ve ever seen on a Stab.

Robs old copy?

Yes :slight_smile:

I have a Lee Romaire original Second Stab. This one looks great! It looks like the style they will be using for Castle to don as the shape in the next Halloween.

Looks great worn!
The aging makes it look creepier!

WOW! Great Score! That Looks Fantastic! Congrats!!! :drinkers: Bob