Sensational and amazing addition to my collection!

Hi everyone

Iv’e recently added the sensational prop arm to my collection from the ambulance scene in H4 :sunglasses: :mrgreen:
Iv’e had this now for maybe the last month or so, after talking with Michael for a while we finally did the deal
on this amazing piece of history :open_mouth: I have recently just got my display case back that i ordered along
with the certain specs that i asked for :open_mouth: I wanted a stunning red colour baize cloth to cover the surface of the
base so it would match the red colour on the mini H4 poster and name plaque along with going just beautifuly
with the black back panel and the actual black slimline stand that the arm sits on :smiley:

With the sizes i went with i new i’d have a stunning red kind of border all the way round the stand that the arm
sits on, so i set it all up and put it in place and i cannot tell you all how impressed i was with how it looked :open_mouth: :smiley:
I definately made the correct choices, i’m very passionate on how i display my stuff and i was just thrilled with this :rock:
As for the arm itself, well it’s just phenominal and will last a lifetime!!! It’s very mint and has some amazing details
going on :mrgreen: There was another small piece that came with the arm which was part of how the blood effect
worked in the ambulance scene. It has a small fishing type wire on one end while on the other end it has some
kind of plunger which you push in at the other end, when this is pushed in the wire gets longer so it still actually works :mrgreen:

So i just took some pics tonight of the setup i went with and wanted to share them with you all!
I want to thank Michael for selling this to me, a great guy who is very honest and is someone i’d buy from again :wink:
Also a huge thanks to my good friends at Dreamkeepers for once again making me the most amazing display case
to display this iconic piece!! So on with the pics, i hope you all enjoy them as it’s a pleasure to share with you all :mrgreen:
Many thanks everyone :wink: :mrgreen: :sunglasses:



Amazing score Darren! I couldnt believe that went for so low a price at the 30th con. Glad to see it went to your Museum! :smiley: :rock:

superb darren. well done. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That is such a nice score. Congrats on a beautiful set up.

Ohhhhhhhh, too cool!

Man, I love that screen used stuff! What an amazing score! Congrats, man!


Very amazing piece of movie history you have there Darren. With the assistance of that great display case, it just SCREAMS authentic!!! I love the case a lot, the red lining in the case is fresh, and the metal pipe holding the arm, gives it a very sturdy look, excellent case, for an outstanding piece my friend. Nice pics as well, thanks for posting Darren. …ANDY

I was with Mike when he bought that at the 30 years Of Terror convention. It’s a really cool prop.

Congrats, Darren.

Congratulations on a one of a kind score, Darren. You’re collection amazes me.

incredible prop that we would get to see hardly anywhere but here. great addition, amazing display.


Now that is just an amazing score! Thats so cool and nice to see something different for a change,love the display :smiley:

Yeah, Tola is right. Your collection belongs in a Museam at this point. I’m just waiting for the day when you score the actual Hero mask…that day can’t be too far off.

Congratulations on procuring that AMAZING prop. And the display you designed for it is very classy. Thanks for sharing. Mike :smiley:

Another amazing addition to your collection Darren. :sunglasses:

Amazing piece Darren :open_mouth:
I did’nt know that was a prop arm, always thought it was Morga’
Glad it went to a great guy :rock:
Thanks for sharing and BIG congrats!
:drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

That thing is creepy cool :sunglasses: congrats :smiley:

Wow Darren, congrats on that awesome piece of Myers his-to-ry!


Amazing prop, would have thought such a thing would never see the light of day but there it is.

Just so unbelievably AMAZING!!!

That is a tremendous score…tremendous.The display is all class,just a superb compliment to the piece.

Bravo :drinkers:

Congratulations :rock: